Most powerful armies in the world!

Most powerful armies in the world!

That is what they say, and that is why I believe it, and it is true.

The United States of America and its allies are indeed the most powerful armies in the world, but not by a long shot.

We are the largest landmass on earth and it is very easy to defeat us when we are disorganized and overwhelmed by numbers.

In this case, we have the numbers, but how do we get the upper hand?

Well, we need a plan.

This is the best kind of plan you could have.

It is not a nice little trick that will work your magic; it is a plan that has already worked for many before you.

One that has worked because they followed it; one that can work for our situation because we have no real enemies that we must face on the battlefield other than those who are out to get our oil.

How do you ask?

Simple really, but too complicated to explain.

Well look at the history of mankind; look at all the great wars and conflicts that mankind has fought in the past.

All of them were nothing more than a struggle between competing tribes, groups, or individuals.

Those were the type of conflicts that were usually nothing more than the fair competition for territory or booty.

Now look at our enemy; we are told they are evil and come from darkness and want to destroy everything good.

They have weapons of mass destruction and want to attack the United States of America and crush us into submission.

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Those are not groups of individuals running around with machetes; these are groups of organized military forces, which wish to defeat the United States of America and rule the world.

These are the group of individuals and nation-states that seek to dominate the human race with nuclear weapons.

So this is the biggest problem we face, and the only solution in my opinion; other than defeating them with the greatest armaments, is to bring in our greatest American-born minds and apply our brightest ideas into the development of these weapons.

We must create the most powerful weapons in the world, to kill off these terrorists right now.

And I intend to do this.

Because I am convinced that if we fail to do this, then the battle never ends.

Think about it; how long have we been in Afghanistan?

Twenty-seven years I believe, and that is plenty of time.

During that time the United States of America has had the most powerful military on the face of the earth.

More powerful than any other military in the entire world.

Now the Chinese have a navy with three known nuclear power plants, but do they have a fighter aircraft that can take off from China and fly to Afghanistan?

I am not saying this is fair, but I am simply stating the facts as I see them.

It is amazing how our elected officials will bend the knee before the American people and tell us that we need the largest number of military personnel ever.

Yet when it comes to sending our finest warriors to die in our wars overseas; they are only interested in the size of our Navy.

Well, I am here to tell you that is BS!

It does not matter what the size of the Navy is, what matters is how many of those ships are equipped to protect our troops.

The strongest navy is not the one with the largest number of ships, it is the one that can send the most fighters to combat.

They may have more aircraft carriers, but they are not the ones with the most powerful weapons.

Therefore, let’s get serious about fixing the problems within our military.

Do not give more resources to any politician that supports more military spending.

Please consider all this.

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