Our research and editorial team conducts tailored research and writing work for individual clients. We are recognised for our in-house expertise in our publishing topics, our extensive network, our English writing skills and our expertise in content marketing & story-telling.


Case studies & white papers

Writing of case studies and white papers on the basis of interviews with in-house experts and secondary sources


Editorial articles for company magazines or blogs

Writing of easy-to-read articles based on secondary sources or interviews, typically published in company magazines, newsletters or blogs


‘Deep dive’ research projects

Round of in-depth interviews with experts and decision makers in a well-defined market. Research results can be used for market intelligence, but can also be leveraged for content creation (e.g. white paper, keynote presentation at event)


Custom publishing

Create your own, dedicated version of The Fifth Conference (or similar concept). We apply our method—i.e. editorial deep dive + leverage content in print, online & event—to your market


Some references:

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