Numerology: What is Numerology and How Does it Work?

Numerology: What is Numerology and How Does it Work?

So, what is Numerology and how does it work?

Numerology is the study of numbers.

It has been around since the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece.

The Babylonians were known for their knowledge of the planets and their relation to the cycles of the moon, thus making use of the moon cycle as a tool for understanding numerology.

Early Greek mythology also speaks of a person born at the first full moon of a month, which was referred to as the numerous summit, the moon god.

This practice carried on into the second century and was known as amphetamine or numismatistikos.

Numerology is studied today using many different methods.

Most people rely on computers to help them understand their relationships to numbers. However, other people continue to make use of direct experience with numbers to better understand the meanings and implications of their relationships to numbers. These individuals are called horologists. A horologist will use a number of different instruments to determine the placement and time of year in terms of numbers in his or her birth chart.

One method that is commonly used is the Numerology Chart, which is essentially a cross-reference tool used to compare and contrast two numerology charts, one from the time of one’s birth and one from another time period. The idea is to find similarities between the two charts and determine which birth time corresponds with which astrology sign.

If these tools are successful, the chances are good that the person is able to understand the meaning behind the signs found on his or her numerology chart.

However, more than half of all those who try this method of numerology interpretation eventually come away empty-handed.

In most cases, a person who is attempting to connect his or her personality, destiny, and patterns with numbers will be astounded by what they see. They will see in detail, what others can only see by way of blurry images that are superimposed over computer screens.

They will also be shown what they are supposed to be doing every day of their lives, angel numbers 2020, and how this will affect their future. When this is combined with the person’s zodiac sign, there are even more implications. All of these can lead a person down the path to success and happiness.

As mentioned earlier, a person will consult his or her birth chart when consulting a professional or experienced numerologist about the meaning of his or her birth chart. This is because the charts contain information and data that only an astrologer has at his or her disposal.

In some cases, the person will not even be aware that he or she is using a birth chart to interpret his or her life. This is why it is important that the people who want to work with a numerology expert must first consult a professional before getting started.

Even though the field of numerology is interesting and promising, many people are skeptical. This is why a lot of people hire astrologers to help them interpret their daily routine. Many also choose to use numerology when planning for their financial future. However, not everyone follows this practice. Instead, they prefer to study laws or business or any other kinds of professions.

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Testosterone: Functions

Testosterone: Functions

Testosterone is a hormone that has many important functions in the body.

First, it is an anabolic hormone, meaning it promotes the growth of bone and muscle tissue as well as serving to maintain the health of reproductive organs such as the penis and prostate.

Second, testosterone is a metabolic substance that controls other hormones such as estrogen and is key to the production of sperm.

And third, testosterone is an anabolic androgenic hormone that is responsible for maintaining bone mass and muscle mass and is critical in the recovery and repair of muscle tissue after physical injury.

As you can see, there are many different functions that testosterone plays in the body.

It is vital for men to produce and maintain high levels of testosterone, which is why men are at a greater risk of developing…

  1. Androgynous sexual disorders
  2. Low sperm counts
  3. Decreased production of muscle
  4. Bone Tissue
  5. Decreased muscle and bone strength
  6. And decreased libido.

Testosterone deficiencies can have a devastating effect on a man’s sex and reproductive health.

To compensate for these deficiencies, men have developed products to artificially boost testosterone in the body.

However, while these supplements may help a man to some extent, they do not address many of the deficiencies.

Most of the testosterone deficiencies are caused by the low bioavailability of testosterone.

Low bio-availability means that the testosterone gets eliminated from the body before it can perform its functions.

This means that the body must rely on external sources for the production and release of testosterone, and this can be very difficult.

Some supplements may help to improve the body’s bioavailability of testosterone, but they also contain contaminants that can further compromise the body’s bioavailability of testosterone.

Some supplements may include artificial ingredients and chemicals, synthetic hormones, and other chemical contaminants that can interfere with the production and release of testosterone.

Another way that testosterone supplements can interfere with the androgenic properties of the body is through their use in men who have hypogonadism.

This means that the body produces too much testosterone or lacks the ability to produce testosterone at all.

These supplements may temporarily increase the testosterone levels of a hypogonadism patient, but once the effects of the medication wear off, these levels will usually decrease again –

This can be frustrating for a person trying to treat his or her condition with testosterone deficiency and can also lead to harmful side effects.

A third way that testosterone supplements can interfere with the body’s ability to naturally balance testosterone production and release is through their use in a person suffering from Andropause.

As men go through the process of aging, the amount of testosterone produced and stored in the body gradually decreases.

Testosterone deficiency symptoms in older men are usually depression, decreased sex drive, loss of muscle mass, decreased energy levels, and hot flashes.

While testosterone replacement therapy can sometimes help relieve these symptoms of Andropause, these supplements can actually stimulate the production of testosterone and thus increase these symptoms even more.

There are some drawbacks to taking testosterone supplementation.

Most notably, because testosterone is an anabolic hormone, it requires an anabolic environment to be released and does not easily fit into a diet or lifestyle.

For this reason, it is much more commonly used as a dietary supplement than a topical one.

Moreover, testosterone is made by the liver, so any problems with this organ could lead to other serious health issues.

While there are many benefits to testosterone, its use should be carefully considered and used as directed.

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Free Google Play Codes

Free Google Play Codes

If you’re a player who’s looking forward to trying out new apps, then you definitely ought to check out free Google Play Cards.

These free and extraordinary Google Play Cards are provided as promo codes by Google and various third-party app vendors.

They are intended to be used within the Google Android mobile software and for playing games, accessing online media content, shopping online, and so on.

They are completely free and they can really make your smartphone all the more exciting.

As soon as you get hold of these free Free Google Play Codes, you’ll instantly be able to experience all the fun features that Google has to offer on its latest apps.

Since these promotional Google Play Cards can be acquired absolutely free of cost, their introduction into the Android ecosystem has really been a boon for aspiring entrepreneurs.

As soon as you acquire one, you can immediately begin enjoying its countless benefits.

You can use it for shopping online, downloading free ring tones, playing online games, accessing media content, receiving text messages, and so on.

All these activities require a credit card but with free Google play codes, you can forget about getting stuck with an expensive credit card debt.

These promotional Google Play Cards come with free shopping online rewards, which are available for every purchase you make using your smartphone.

The free gift card that you get once you complete all the in-game challenges also comes with a plethora of goodies like free entry to popular online casinos, free hotel stays for an entire weekend or holiday, discounts on select products and services, and so much more.

To top it all, these are all entirely free and with just a single swipe of your smartphone, you can already start enjoying the numerous benefits these free Google Play Cards bring.

In order to maximize your Google Play Card experience, you should know how to grab points and earn free Google Play Cards.

The way to do this is through the in-game currency known as swag.

Like many of the other currencies available in the Android ecosystem, swag can be acquired in a variety of ways.

The most common method to earn swag is by buying gift points through the My Account section of the Google Play app; these can then be redeemed with a variety of in-game items including gift cards.

Apart from swag, there are other currencies in the Android ecosystem that you can use to earn credits.

These credits can then be spent on purchasing items, accessing free services, playing games, and so on.

A favorite method to earn credits is through the in-game purchase of premium apps; these premium apps have features that are exclusive to the Google Android platform and can thus be rewarded with attractive in-game credits.

Examples of premium apps that are frequently offered as in-game credits include magazines, newspapers, apps, and so on.

To get premium apps, you should access the Google Play Store and look for the appropriate category or store to look for the app you want.

Whether you are into free Google Play Cards or simply looking for ways to earn credits in the Android mobile ecosystem, it should be noted that the practice is becoming popular.

With more people investing their time online, especially on smartphones, the possibility of freebies and in-game promotions are also getting greater.

Free Google Play Cards can thus be seen as a great way to cash in on the latest mobile technology craze.

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Premier League Defender Team of the Season 2013-14

Premier League Defender Team of the Season 2013-14

We at TheFifthConference want to remember some better days from the Premier League when the game was still respected so much, not money!

Today we are going back 6, 7 years and, according to our analysis, choose the best Premier League defense for season 13/14.

Finally, some of the players just don’t feel right.

It also looks like the English haven’t lost their old habit of glorifying a few players based on their performances in one season.

Hence, this is an alternate version of the Team of the Season.

You may agree or you may disagree.

Feel free to rant away in the comments.

Who isn’t up for a little banter?

Drum roll, please.

The Barclay’s Premier League Team of the Season is:


Vito Mannone has been nothing short of spectacular this season.

Yes, Petr Cech has been great as well but he has hardly been a part of the action with the defense that Chelsea boasts of.

Wojciech Szczesny has been great as well, he also said how Ibrahimovic is one of the best MSL players but it’s his first outstanding season for Arsenal and if he can carry his form into next season, he could make the team.

David Marshall should have been an obvious choice, however, he has not kept in goal for any big team yet, and maybe this transfer window could give him a chance to move to a club where he can really be tested.

Mannone has been very good in goal and has been an integral part of Sunderland’s change in fortunes since Poyet’s introduction as Manager.

He has let in only 38 goals in 29 appearances, as compared to the 21 goals that were scored in their first 9 games which saw Sunderland pick up only 4 out of a possible 27.

Mannone’s form really picked up in December and hit its peak in April.

His standout games were Sunderland’s win against Newcastle in early February and the game that ended Mourinho’s streak, in which he made a stunning 6 saves.

Crunching the numbers: Mannone vs Cech


César Azpilicueta has been very integral to Chelsea this season.

The young Spaniard has shown that turning out to be the complete full-back.

Solid in defense, intelligent in movement, and vicious going forward.

Luke Shaw likes to play higher up the pitch and while that isn’t a bad quality at all, his defensive work needs to improve.

In fact, while Shaw has created 33 chances as compared to Azpilicueta’s 12, his average number of defensive actions has been 5 per game as compared to Azpilicueta’s 8.

Moreover, Chelsea has only conceded 23 goals in the games Azpilicueta has played (29 games) whereas Shaw has been in the team for 43 of their 47 conceded goals (35 games).

Chance creation areas of Azpilicueta and Shaw.

Azpilicueta pays more attention to his defensive duties, as other statistics reveal.


There really wasn’t any question here.

Seamus Coleman stood out.

While the likes of Bacary Sagna and Pablo Zabaletta, neither was even close to as good as Coleman.

Coleman was integral in Everton’s resurgence and had 6 goals to show for it as well, including some vivacious stunners.

Having won an average of 59% of his duels every game, the Everton man is the clear-cut selection for the right-back position.


Gary Cahill has been vital to Chelsea’s rejuvenated defense.

While Chelsea conceded almost twice as many goals as Mourinho’s historic 2004-05 season where they only conceded 15, bar a couple of matches, Gary Cahill hasn’t put a foot wrong.

This is further exemplified by Chelsea’s dismal performance against Crystal Palace lat in April, in which Cahill played no role in the disaster that was Chelsea’s game that day.

Gary Cahill’s stats in the Crystal Palace game.


It is extremely surprising how Vincent Kompany was included in the team of the season when he has nothing short of a mediocre season if compared to the rock he was for the last 2 seasons.

Laurent Koscielny, bar his disastrous start at Aston Villa and probably one of his least intelligent performances at Liverpool later in the season, was a boulder at the back and along with Mertsackr gave Arsenal their long-awaited traditional full season back two pairings.

The stats speak for themselves.

Crunching the numbers: Koscielny vs Kompany.

Yes, this wasn’t that long ago but trust us, this was the last season of the PL where we at least saw a little that the players play from their heart.

Unfortunately, today that has changed and it no longer makes sense when players exceed 200 million euros of market value.

Players who have only played half a season, at age 19 are already worth 100 million!

There is no logic here, just look at the history of Dembele when he moved from Dortmund to Barcelona and everything will be clearer to you, and it will be worse!

See you soon, we wish you all the best, stay safe in these hard times we live in. 

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Xbox 360 Review – Comparing with PS and Wii

Xbox 360 Review - Comparing with PS and Wii

When you compare the Xbox 360 to the PS3 and the Wii, you see some interesting things.

One thing to know about the Xbox entry is that it has some of the best graphics of any console out there.

The Xenos GPU has much higher pixel processing power, which is great for those gamers who really get into that sort of thing.

Additionally, individuals have come to find that the Xbox offers a great deal of value for the price.

It’s relatively affordable and also offers movie power and the playback features that have become such a huge selling point for the consoles today.

Strengths and weaknesses

When you consider the strong points of the 360, you have to point to the graphics, but it is about much more than that.

The system itself comes with a really nice game selection, which includes the flagship Halo game series.

Additionally, many of the most popular sports titles out there today are designed especially for the Xbox 360, which combines well with the graphics to make it a great system for people who primarily play sports games.

Another strength of the Xbox system is its “Xbox Live” interactive gaming platform.

This is more advanced and runs better than the online options from PS3.

With gamer tags, rankings, how to use AFK Arena codes, and all sorts of players, this is something that is always a drawing point.

Weaknesses are not necessarily large for this system.

It does not have the speed or processing power of the PS3 but makes up for that with great graphics at the core.

There are also many extras to buy in order to take full advantage of the system’s power.

Nintendo Wii Review

The Wii is marketed to a slightly different portion of the gaming community.

It comes complete with the action console, so you actually get to participate in the gaming.

This has made the console an excellent choice for people who want something a bit different or those people who enjoy the traditional Nintendo titles offered on the machine.

Strengths and weaknesses

With its mother-ship games like the Wii Fit, this is a system that has a bit more to offer.

The gameplay is different, but that is a plus for many people.

This particular system is attracting more and more game producers, with new things like Guitar Hero coming to the console over the last couple of years.

In terms of weaknesses, the Wii does not offer huge power and it doesn’t offer graphics that can match the other two systems.

With fewer games out there on the market, it can’t really compare with the Xbox 360 or PS3 in that area, either.

In short, it’s something that brings its own appeal to the table but lacks considerably in the areas that pure gaming lovers often demand.

Xbox 360 250GB Elite

The brand new Xbox 360 design is slim, the fan noise is quiet as a whisper, has built-in WiFi, and best of all it has a 250GB Hard drive for all your movies, music, and games.

It is nothing new and is not a big leap for the Xbox 360, this is a more simple and way better Xbox 360.

First of all the console looks awesome, it is about 20% smaller than the current model, it has a black piano color finish.

The pushbuttons to turn on the console have been replaced by a touch-sensitive sensor.

The best part of the deal is that it now features built-in WiFi so you don’t need to buy a WiFi adapter which costs about $100.

Microsoft also added a 250GB internal hard drive.

The hard drive is removable, but it is not compatible with your current Xbox 360, so if you planed on getting it you would need to get the Xbox 360 USB drive to transfer all your stuff to the new system.

The console has a specific connection port for the new Kinect sensor, which was launched way back in November 2010.

If you don’t own an Xbox 360 and are planning to buy one, this is the perfect time to get one.

A regular Xbox 360 model costs $250 dollars, has a 120GB hard drive, and has no built-in WiFi.

All the internal components have been completely redesigned and reduced in size, the processors have been made smaller by about 30% and have been combined into one CPU chip, so that means lower energy consumption and a more cool running system.

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Natural Breast Health

Natural Breast Health

Natural Breast Health – Preventative and traditional Chinese medicine

Some call it “bottle preference”.

Or “self-weaning”.

But when it happens suddenly and definitively, without the participating intention of Mom, it feels a bit like rejection.

I’m talking about the moment when your baby decides on his own that he’s done with sucking on mom to get milk.

“Why should I work so hard and have to wait almost a *whole minute* for the letdown response to happen when there’s a bottle option that is way easier and instantaneous?

Get this boob out of my face, mommy!

And bring me a bottle!

Quickly now, I will just lie here wriggling and crying until you return.”

Nursing had always been my go-to Universal Remote Codes.

My sure-to-work baby calming tool.

I had earned this ultimate mommy negotiating technique after months of inflamed milk ducts and raw, lanolin saturated nipples.

Hadn’t I?

Why had it suddenly stopped working?

Flashback to a couple of days after Tor was born.

I hand-pumped when Tor was asleep to help get my milk to flow, and I was pretty happy about the half-ounce of milk I had been able to collect.

As we were about to feed that milk back to Tor in a bottle, our midwife knocked on the door for a post-partum house call.

When she saw what we were doing, she first congratulated me on my new milk.

And then with a calm urgency, she recommended we encourage Tor to only drink from me until my milk was well established.

She alluded to this idea of “nipple rejection”, where babies can learn that bottles take less effort to drink from than breasts do.

And if that happens, and you still want your baby to enjoy all of the benefits of breast milk, then your options are pumping several times per day or using a milk bank.

I knew I wanted Tor to be exclusively fed breast milk for his first 6 months and hopefully for longer, so 2 days post-partum we stopped using a bottle altogether.

That is until it came time for me to go back to work when he was about 9 months old.

For a few weeks before that, we trained Tor to take a bottle every once in a while since he was going to have to use one when I wasn’t here.

And then came a day came I left Tor and his Dad at home for the afternoon while I went out shopping.

Tor happily drank from the bottles he was offered while I was gone.

I didn’t know at the time that when I nursed him to sleep that night, it would be for the last time.

When he woke at 11 pm for his usual first feed of the night, he was upset and inconsolable.

After a period of fussing and getting genuinely angry when I would try to get him to latch, he accepted a bottle, rolled over, and fell asleep.

And although I offered to nurse him every time he fed for the next several weeks, a bottle is the only way he drinks milk anymore.

It happened in one instant.

I see the positive in this – I didn’t have to wean him, pumping can be a lot more time-efficient and bottles are somewhat easier than breastfeeding when you’re on the go (and the only option when driving).

Plus, the biggest bonus has been that dad can now feed Tor during the night so mom can put her earplugs in and sleep for 6-8 hours straight until her boobs are so full they wake her up.

It’s just too bad that pumping is so much more physically painful compared to nursing.

(I still sometimes miss that unbelievably intimate bond of breastfeeding.

Holding a sleeping, satiated, flutter sucking baby is pretty sweet…).

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Good Oral Health is more than white teeth and a pretty smile

In the United States, one person every hour of every day dies of oral cancer.

In women, its rate is higher than the rate of cervical cancer, and it is the sixth leading form of cancer among men.

An alarming 25% of victims have no lifestyle risk factors for the development of oral cancer, and it is being diagnosed at an increasing rate among young adults.

There is a high survival rate among sufferers when detected early, but in its late-stage, the five-year survival rate is a modest 57%.

Oral cancer does not discriminate and most people are not even aware that they are at risk.

Scientists have recently established a connection between experiencing an HPV viral infection in the mouth and this type of cancer.

Additional risk factors are:

  • Tobacco and Alcohol use
  • Men between the ages of 40 and 60
  • A family history of oral, head, or neck cancers
  • Poor oral hygiene, including the irritation of oral membranes caused by rough surfaces and broken or protruding teeth
  • Poor nutrition

There are many types of oral cancer, but the vast majority may start in any tissues that line the mouth or lips. Advanced stage symptoms might include a lesion, lump, or ulcer on the tongue, lips, or mouth that does not heal within two weeks.

An individual may also experience difficulty in swallowing, white or red patches in the mouth, and pain, tingling or burning of the oral cavity.

Unfortunately, in its late stage, oral cancer treatment options are limited to surgical removal of the affected tissue, and subsequent reconstructive surgery to correct disfigurement, which can result in the limited ability to swallow, high-frequency hearing loss, and sinus damage.

Fortunately, advancements in technology have unveiled a powerful tool for assisting in the discovery of oral cancer at its earliest stage before it can even be detected by traditional visual oral exams!

Since the Fall of 2010, our dental office has been one of the few practices to include the VELscope Vx oral cancer screening as part of our patients’ comprehensive oral exams.

This cutting edge technology utilizes a narrow band of safe, high energy blue light with special filtering characteristics to thoroughly evaluate oral tissue for cancerous lesions that escape the naked eye.

A recent study conducted by the University of Montreal concluded that the inclusion of the use of this screener in comprehensive oral exams significantly increases the detection rate of oral cancer in its earliest stage when its survival rate is at least 90%.

At the office of Dr. Carrie Hansen, DDS, we care about your health as well as your teeth.

By including the use of the Velscope Vx cancer screening technology as part of our patients’ oral exams, we have reaffirmed our proactive approach to oral care by detecting abnormalities when proper treatment can have promising results.

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Swedish testosteron tillskott

testosteron tillskott

You’ve probably heard of the hormone testosterone. The more natural testosterone you have, the greater the increase in muscle mass etc. An easy way to naturally increase the amount of testosterone in your body is through a testosterone enhancing supplements. Important to know the difference between testobooster and synthetic testosterone, which is illegal. A swedish “testosteron tillskott” has the goal to raise your levels to those natural, but synthetic has the aim to raise your levels to over them natural.

What is so called testosteron tillskott?

Testosterone is a hormone that promotes muscle growth. As the sound of the name is a testobooster (testosteron tillskott) a supplement that will increase the amount of testosterone naturally. The more natural testosterone, the greater the increase in muscle mass for hard-training individuals. More information about the so called ”swedish naturligt testosteron tillskott” can be found here.

How does a swedish testosterontillskott work?

Only buy a product that is 100% legal and natural. NOTE: You should buy from well-known brands, Swedish testosteron tillskott is preferable. This is because it has happened several times that rogue businesses mixed in illegal substances in their testoboosters for people to like them extra.
A testosterontillskott works by combining several ingredients that increase testosterone in the body. Because there are many subjects in scientific studies to increase the natural testosterone. Some have much and “heavy” research behind them, while others are more recently discovered and only preliminary results. Some of the substances have been shown to affect testosterone in the body and is usually included in a testosterone booster is as follows:

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • D-Vitamin
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • DAA
  • Macaextrakt
  • Onions and garlic extract?

Dietary supplement

If you look a little closer at the contents of a testobooster you can draw your own conclusions if you think it’s working or not. Among other vitamins and minerals are said to be able to raise testosteron levels naturally. When you combine these substances in one tablet can increase testosteron levels naturally. But if you already have extremely high levels through optimal nutrition as a “testosteron tillskott” not make much difference. But there are very few that come up in these levels through diet alone.

What do avoid!

It is not unusual that the criticism directed at testoboosters often as it would raise the testosterone levels in the same way as anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone). However, the purpose of a testobooster not raise your testosterone levels to those of the natural, but just to raise your levels to those natural.

Some Summarizing words of testosteron tillskott

Please just try a swedish naturligt testosteron tillskott to increase your levels. However, one should realize that they do not make you a “Belgian Blue” and muscles swell up overnight. A testobooster serves as said by maximizing your natural levels. Had the increased levels of the natural had been illegal . It really is not. But when you work seriously so is every extra% you can get gold worth. Therefore, a booster may not be recommended for a semi-serious hobby trainer, but it is something you really want to get good results! Then, one should not forget the psychological impact of a Testo booster either.

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Who Should Get Doctor at Home Visit Services In Dubai?

doctors at home Dubai

Dubai is well regarded for offering world-class medical services and health services like doctors on call Dubai. It is not easy to take care of your health in this day to day life. Being sick is one of the most stressful parts of life, especially when you need to visit the hospital too frequently. At this time, you feel hopeless and wish to improve your health fast. This is why we need home visit doctors Dubai for ample convenience.

Services Offered

Home healthcare providers offer a lot of services like primary care which includes treatment, diagnosis and care for the people with several health issues. Primary healthcare providers help monitor and manage pre-existing and ongoing conditions.
These doctors also provide vitamin injection Dubai to avoid diseases and maintain overall health. They provide services with vast experience and knowledge. They also perform routine checkups to keep track of your health and ensure your positive response to treatment. They also offer speech and physical therapies. These services are beneficial to the people of all ages, especially the ones who are unable to travel to hospitals and those who need special care.

What to Expect with Doctors on Call?

There are many benefits of doctors on call for residents of Dubai. Here’s what you can expect from home healthcare service providers –


We often worry a lot, especially when our loved one is sick or we have a child at home, and we are away from them. This way, home healthcare service providers can ease the burden by being around. We can also make changes to their services. You may not be able to go anywhere when you are sick, or you might not have the proper strength to reach the clinic. This way, calling the doctors is as simple as requesting and dialling services from an expert physician. It can also be made simple with portable medical tools to get the best services.

Family Help

In hospitals, you can only visit your loved one for specific hours. But if you have a doctor on call, you can always remain at home where your friends and family can visit all the time. There is also no need to worry about an unknown environment or a standard room to share with other patients. It also improves positive response to medication and therapy and faster recovery.

Reduces hospital readmission

By investing in in-home healthcare, you can significantly reduce the odds of getting readmission in the hospital. This way, there are high chances of recovery and lower chances of hospitalization. There are also reduced risk of getting infections, which take place after a long inactivity period, especially when you are taking bed rest which can slow the recovery time at the hospital. This way, home healthcare facilities can speed up recovery in a cosy environment.

Better Care

Home healthcare providers treat patients at their own pace without being in a hurry. There is also no queue of patients who are waiting to see their doctors. When a doctor visits your home, he can take a proper test and address your concerns personally. They can work on your case without any interruptions. You are the only patient they need to serve.


In comparison to getting admitted into a hospital, a doctor on call service is quite less expensive. They provide all the facilities to people who are released from the hospital but need specialized care. You can also save on consultation charges and get the same services as you get in hospital.

Bottom Line

All in all, home healthcare facilities are very beneficial for the people of all ages, especially young children and the elderly. It can save on doctors’ fees and hospitalization. It also helps avoid infection due to hospital stays.

Author Bio

health callI am a Health Writer and usually checks health treatment country wise, state-wise and city-wise. I found Dubai is best for health treatment. One can get Doctors on-call Dubai.

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Fixing the looming healthcare crisis with technology

Fixing the looming healthcare crisis


Increasingly, elderly care is becoming a multidisciplinary task requiring coordination between rest and nursing homes, general practitioners, physiotherapists, nurses and pharmacies. As institutional care is extending towards home-based care, the need for efficient coordination among the various actors in the system will only increase. Corilus, a leading ICT-provider for healthcare professionals and rest homes, is aligning itself to eHealth with open standard solutions for managing processes that cross organisational boundaries.

Healthcare under pressure

We’re acutely aware of the fact that the healthcare sector is under pressure; it needs to adapt to a number of clear trends and challenges. Firstly, demand for healthcare services is gradually increasing and will continue to increase in the coming years. Partly this is due to the ageing of our population. Older people require more care and are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses.

Even among younger people, however, the prevalence of chronic illnesses such as obesity and diabetes is increasing. In parallel to these trends healthcare is becoming increasingly high tech—which requires important investments. And the regulator is adding pressure too by raising the bar on quality control and the traceability of medication. These trends all combine to drive healthcare costs upward—just at a time when governments are trying hard to reduce spending. And just to top it all off, there is an increasing shortage of healthcare workers, especially nurses. The sector is under pressure to expand, but it is restricted in doing so due to a shortage of money and people. That’s why ICT is destined to play such an important role in healthcare by saving time and creating more efficiency.

With the Healthcare sector under pressure, it needs to adapt to a number of changes and technological developments to overcome the challenges. The cost from local GP’s to Glasgow orthodontist, hospital staffs to A&E departments are significantly increasing meaning these services will become more expensive as more nurses, doctors and dentists are hired to cope. With such a high demand technological innovation offers our healthcare system a solution to cope with the current crisis.

investing in hybrid model health care

Toward a hybrid model of care

It is interesting to see how these trends play out in one of our core markets, Rest and Nursing Homes. At present elderly care is concentrated at the institutional level, at the rest homes. However, in the years and decades ahead we cannot meet rising demand simply by building more rest homes. At Corilus we believe that the system will move towards a more hybrid model where all actors in the elderly care system—GPs, rest homes, nurses, pharmacies, physiotherapists, etc—will coordinate their work around patients who remain at home.

Today rest homes already have a support function to home care, but this will become more intense in the years ahead. They’ll increasingly need to offer people day-care services or short-stay services. Also, we predict that rest homes will play a central role in the coordination and alignment of home care.

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