Xbox 360 Review – Comparing with PS and Wii

Xbox 360 Review - Comparing with PS and Wii

When you compare the Xbox 360 to the PS3 and the Wii, you see some interesting things.

One thing to know about the Xbox entry is that it has some of the best graphics of any console out there.

The Xenos GPU has much higher pixel processing power, which is great for those gamers who really get into that sort of thing.

Additionally, individuals have come to find that the Xbox offers a great deal of value for the price.

It’s relatively affordable and also offers movie power and the playback features that have become such a huge selling point for the consoles today.

Strengths and weaknesses

When you consider the strong points of the 360, you have to point to the graphics, but it is about much more than that.

The system itself comes with a really nice game selection, which includes the flagship Halo game series.

Additionally, many of the most popular sports titles out there today are designed especially for the Xbox 360, which combines well with the graphics to make it a great system for people who primarily play sports games.

Another strength of the Xbox system is its “Xbox Live” interactive gaming platform.

This is more advanced and runs better than the online options from PS3.

With gamer tags, rankings, how to use AFK Arena codes, and all sorts of players, this is something that is always a drawing point.

Weaknesses are not necessarily large for this system.

It does not have the speed or processing power of the PS3 but makes up for that with great graphics at the core.

There are also many extras to buy in order to take full advantage of the system’s power.

Nintendo Wii Review

The Wii is marketed to a slightly different portion of the gaming community.

It comes complete with the action console, so you actually get to participate in the gaming.

This has made the console an excellent choice for people who want something a bit different or those people who enjoy the traditional Nintendo titles offered on the machine.

Strengths and weaknesses

With its mother-ship games like the Wii Fit, this is a system that has a bit more to offer.

The gameplay is different, but that is a plus for many people.

This particular system is attracting more and more game producers, with new things like Guitar Hero coming to the console over the last couple of years.

In terms of weaknesses, the Wii does not offer huge power and it doesn’t offer graphics that can match the other two systems.

With fewer games out there on the market, it can’t really compare with the Xbox 360 or PS3 in that area, either.

In short, it’s something that brings its own appeal to the table but lacks considerably in the areas that pure gaming lovers often demand.

Xbox 360 250GB Elite

The brand new Xbox 360 design is slim, the fan noise is quiet as a whisper, has built-in WiFi, and best of all it has a 250GB Hard drive for all your movies, music, and games.

It is nothing new and is not a big leap for the Xbox 360, this is a more simple and way better Xbox 360.

First of all the console looks awesome, it is about 20% smaller than the current model, it has a black piano color finish.

The pushbuttons to turn on the console have been replaced by a touch-sensitive sensor.

The best part of the deal is that it now features built-in WiFi so you don’t need to buy a WiFi adapter which costs about $100.

Microsoft also added a 250GB internal hard drive.

The hard drive is removable, but it is not compatible with your current Xbox 360, so if you planed on getting it you would need to get the Xbox 360 USB drive to transfer all your stuff to the new system.

The console has a specific connection port for the new Kinect sensor, which was launched way back in November 2010.

If you don’t own an Xbox 360 and are planning to buy one, this is the perfect time to get one.

A regular Xbox 360 model costs $250 dollars, has a 120GB hard drive, and has no built-in WiFi.

All the internal components have been completely redesigned and reduced in size, the processors have been made smaller by about 30% and have been combined into one CPU chip, so that means lower energy consumption and a more cool running system.

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